Employee Benefits

We strongly believe that our employees are our biggest assets. Their performance and quality of output will reflect on the image and goodwill of the company in the market - to facilitate an environment where they give their maximum is more of our duty. We are committed to make SrinSoft as one of the best places to work. Our HR policies have been designed keeping the business as well as individual goals in mind.

BENEFITS - SrinSoft India

SrinSoft is primarily dedicated to the well being of its employees. The benefits we offer them are the best. We believe in enhancing the employee work life balance and policies are framed accordingly.


Our Compensation package is among the best in the industry and it is aimed at retaining existing talent. Rewards for each position are based on performance, potential, criticality and market value. Each employee is evaluated using accurate methods and is compensated accordingly.

Flexi Plan

Our reimbursement scheme provides tax shelter on quasi-official expenses for the employees. Investment guidance is given to each of the employee and they are counseled by experts on topics relating to market trends and how to plan their finance.

Leave policy

A comprehensive leave policy with (PL, SL, CL, ML and PL ) all the leave benefits are available to the employees.

Special Assistance

Our responsibility towards employees doesn’t stop at salaries and compensation alone. We offer all possible help to facilitate their settling down. We also provide contingency assistance for your marriage, illness or death of a close family member.

All these in addition to a host of deferred benefits like Provident fund and Gratuity. 


SrinSoft take pride in our long serving colleagues. They are a major force behind our success. We recognize their contribution through a comprehensive reward programme depending upon the number of years of service put in.


Every employee is of value to the company and so is every memorable event in their lives. We celebrate employee’s special days that are to be cherished and remembered in our company. SrinSoft believes in making these movements special and memorable.


Employees’ hard work and contribution should never go unnoticed at SrinSoft.

• Employee of the Year Award

If any employee’s performance is of a superlative standard, he/she will win the highest reward. It’s in recognition of sustained and consistent performance.

• Excellence Award

An award recognizing the significant contribution for every quarter.

• Spot Star Award

In recognition of the employee’s effort in the team for exemplary contribution, an instant reward is given.