Salesforce Integration

Over the last 5 years, we have implemented CRM systems for financial services clients across retail banking, asset management, wealth management and life and pensions, as well as for healthcare clients, transportation, utilities, telecommunications, digital and retail businesses.

From this extensive client base, we have selected a set of case studies to illustrate the breadth and depth of solutions that we have implemented and now support through our Salesforce service portfolio. We have worked Sales and service cloud to support customer. In sales cloud we have experience to make opportunities to the client and in service cloud we have integrated all various requirement.

Business Challenge

  • On service cloud, the client faced issues of tracking call center status and development status on posted case
  • Data analysis dashboard
  • Production support
  • On Sales Cloud, making opportunities


We have provided integration solution on service cloud and make opportunities in sales cloud

Rally Integration

  • Integrated Rally with Salesforce to trace the development status. When the customer posted his/her request via Salesforce it will be created as a case. The case will be handled by Tier-1 & Tier-2 peoples. Once the case moved Triage group here the development will be started. We have developed a interface to associate with rally
  • We have provided scheduler solution, the scheduler trigger works every interval to update Rally development status in to Salesforce

Trend analysis dashboard

  • We have create rules to capture various status to create Trend analysis report based on the request
  • Created and supported different level of dashboard Order, Case, Shipping

Production support

  • We have provided live support to move changes from sandbox to production via change set
  • Created Salesforce test cases and validation to maintain code coverage more than 75% all the time

Call Center Integration

  • Integrated call center software, it leads to record each and every conversation to improve client business. We have generated call center report and created dashboard to view the below details
  • View call response within 10 sec
  • View call response within 30 sec
  • View call response above 30 sec